The Sunflower Field

Welcome to The Sunflower Field!We are a safe and supportive tribe that prides itself on being a warm and welcoming environment for everyone to freely be themselves!We host a variety of events each month, which include but are not limited to: TFM module competitions, art contests, game nights, and movie nights!

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Site Last Updated July 8, 2023.


  1. Anyone is free to join this tribe, however, it is recommended that you are active in the game. We suggest you have at least 500 gathered cheese to avoid being mistaken for an inactive account. We are a large-scale tribe that frequently kicks inactive accounts to create room for new members.

  2. Profanity is allowed, as long as it's not directed at anyone.

  3. We reserve the right to ban without warning for excessive trolling.

  4. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, or TERF behavior.

  5. We do not tolerate being a perv and/or interacting sexually in the tribe chats or in the whispers of our members. This includes the sharing of NSFW (not-safe-for-work) memes, content, and adult topics.

  6. No spamming or flooding the tribe chat.

  7. Keep arguments, personal conflicts, and personal discussions out of the tribe chat. Please keep them in whispers.

  8. Do not let conversations go too much into religion, politics, and other sensitive topics. These topics can cause arguments and offend people. This includes, but is not limited to, jokes of violence or threats.

  9. Do not beg or ask for cc, fraises, ranks, etc.

  10. Absolutely no excessive negativity directed at others. This is a place where we advocate and strive to maintain a safe and welcoming place.

  11. Joining to recruit for other tribes will result in an immediate kick, and a future ban if the behavior persists.

  12. Do not recruit members that are listed on our blacklist. This may result in you being kicked and placed on the blacklist.

  13. Alternate accounts (aka "alts" or "alt accounts'') are not allowed in the tribe, unless a special request has been approved by staff.

  14. In accommodation with Discord's Terms of Service, you must be age 13+ to be in our tribe-only Discord server.

  15. Only members of The Sunflower Field are allowed in our Discord server. If you are not in the tribe, or if you decide to leave at any point, you can no longer be in the Discord server.

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Strike Policy

The Sunflower Field’s staff team has created a tier system to take better action against specific offenses.Depending on the offense, rule-breakers will either be given a warning, a strike, a kick, or a ban.Earn 3 warnings and you will then receive a strike.Earn 3 strikes and you will be kicked out of the tribe. You may join the tribe again at any time you’d like.Earn 2 kicks and you will be banned from the tribe. A ban from the tribe is a ban for life.
You will not be allowed back into the tribe, and your name will be added to our blacklist.
Staff members have the final decision on what the appropriate course of action is. If you feel that our decision is unfair, please DM a staff member and we will review the actions taken or clarify as to why the punishment was given.

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Meet the Staff

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